Who are we

For the Inghilleri’s family the vineyards, rappresents a precious hertage, reached us thanks to the entusiast work and to the great love that binds us for over 40 years to our lands. The experience and deep knowledge of the lands, rappresents a rule and a prerogative to get high quality product.


The company is situated in the territory of the vailly of the Jato, in the northern of Sicily, that rappresents the centerof a large archeological area of the Meditterranean. The valley is surrounded of mountainous relief, that separaraites it, from the Conca D’oro, on the south it’s adjoining with the Belice’s valley, on the west with Castellammare’s Gulf, and on the Cast with San Cipirello and San Giuseppe Jato.

The Inghilleri’s company was faunded in the center of this territory, which has a vineyard area, equal to 40 hectares, a mixed clay land, suitable for the cultivation of the vine. We are between 459 and 600m, above the sea level. Here the weather is nearly continental although, even if there are very hot days, we also go down of 15 degrees. That allbus us to


The management of the vineyard is careful and meticulous, all the actirites are manually conducted: from pruning, to the harvest. We reitalike the lands with plant compadunds, planting grasses to try to reintegrate every year the missing organico matter.